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Evolution of a Self-taught Painter

First Edition Book By Linda Carter Holman and Carolyn Robbins

Hardcover 11" by 12" by 1"  200 pages. 100s color photos.

From her birth in a small town in Oklahoma, childhood in Venezuela,
and her adult life spent in a variety of locationsin the Southwest
and California, self-taught painter, Linda Carter Holman has been
inspired by places both actual and imaginary. Her gift for creating
characters in settings that celebrate life is evident in all phases
of her painting. Observing a painting by Carter Holman is like opening
the pages of a good book filled with colorful characters and descriptive
narrative. In late 2000, Linda became a writer and director when she
began working on her book entitled Evolution of a Self-taught Painter.
The book includes a retrospective overview of her 35 years of work.

It also tells the story of her life and how she became the painter she
is today. Linda is shown heralding in a new phase of work, reaffirming
the value of self-expression, and being afforded the opportunity to share
her experience with others. To inspire and be inspired has become her motto.

Evolution of a Self-taught Painter is a beautiful portrait of a painter
from the heart land of America. The National Museum for Women in the Arts
hosted the 2006 Independent Book Publishers Awards Ceremony, which awarded
Lindas book an honorable mention, recognizing excellence in independent
publishing with emphasis on innovation and social relevance. Today after
44 years of practicing the art of painting, Linda continues to draw on her
life experience and vivid imagination to create canvases that speak of
abundance, harmony, and good spirits.

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