Linda Carter Holman Self-taught Narrative Painter

2019 marks 50 years of painting

“The older I get the more I see
There is a story being told
On every level of existence.” LCH

My father and his grandfather, as I remember them, were both story tellers. Being men their stories seemed to be more about their adventures OUT in the world. My stories come more from an internal point of view, using color and personal symbols with the aim to explore and share feelings that accompany particular moments in my life generally depicted in an eclectic way with women and children as the characters.

I was born in Cushing, Oklahoma in 1949 and spent my early childhood in Venezuela where in the second grade the realization came that I would become an artist.

Greg and I were married in 1969 and my long awaited life as a painter began. With our two children we moved to Arizona and from 1985 to 2002 the paintings at one time or another were represented by galleries in Scottsdale, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Sedona. Those years of painting and selling established roots for Carter Holman paintings in the Southwest.

My art work (for over 30 years) is represented by Wilde Meyer gallery in Scottsdale and Tucson Arizona. Locally I am showing with Camelot Gallery in Nevada City, California.

If you are interested in learning more about my work, I have produced, with lots of help, three books.

“Evolution of a Self-Taught Painter” is a chronological presentation of my paintings with historical insight into their development over the decades, as well as a biographical exploration into the life a self-taught painter from 1969-2005.

“The Rubaiyat...Along the Red Book Road” is filled with paintings from my southwest painting series up to used as illustrations for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. A little red book can be found in my paintings throughout the years as one of my symbolic companions.

“Creation” is a small book that illustrates a process of creation. First an idea comes with a hand full of sketches that then inspires paintings, then poems to match and a bit of explanation”...A short and fun little book.


Life takes place here at this inspirational hub of our world, Oregon House, California. Since our move from Arizona in 2002 we have settled into our little community. Omer the 17 years we have been here the family has grown inside and outside to include Greg and Linda, our son, my mother, 8 cats, a sulcate tortoise, 7 goats, 30+ ducks, 4 chickens, a dozen goldfish, birds in the trees and all the other creatures nature has to offer here in the foothills of northern California, and maybe someday a miniature Donkey and a pony will join us?


“The creation of art,
In all its diverse forms,
Allows each one of us
To sing the song anew.” LCH