Linda Carter Holman     self-taught painter

 "The older I get the more I see.
The same story is told
over and over
on every level of existence."

From my birth in a small town in Oklahoma, a childhood
lived in Venezuela and an adult life spent in locations throughout
 the southwest and California, I have been inspired by both
actual and imaginary. The journey has been both one of
 self-exploration and self-expression.

Creating worlds on canvas allows me to play many parts.
Being eclectic in nature, I have imagined life in a variety of
ethnic worlds...Southern bells, Latin Ladies, Cowgirls,Tropical
 abundance, and more. American home and garden themes has also been a part
of my repertoire since the beginning, impressions from my Grandpa Lotie's
and Grandma Carter's garden seen through the eyes of a child.
Today I find myself once again telling stories from the garden.

The landscape on the canvas changes from time to time
 and the costumes, too. But my stories continue
to be based on a positive view...seen ...felt... thought...
reflecting the experience of my personal life....
played by women and children caught in a special moment..

Now 44 years along the road....painting by painting...
book by by page...verse by verse...
the story continues to unfold.